Aussie punk band Furniture follow up their Round the Twist-themed flash-game Derek’s Gonna Make it Rain with the addictive top-down platformer, Furniture’s Bone Disposal Service.

The Unity-designed game – available on both mobile and desktop – tasks the player with burying bodies in the bush. Armed with a shovel and a ute full of bodybags, your goal is to dispose as much cargo as possible while Furniture’s infectious new single Bones plays in the background, all while avoiding obstacles, security guards and the kind of strange characters that hang out in the bush.

Controls- Mouse 

click on the soft dirt to dig a hole and bury the bodies laying in the truck

Programming - Aaran Gicquel

Art - Paul Geronimos

Music by Furniture

Published Jan 30, 2018
AuthorInsole Games
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, lone-survivor, Mouse only, Music, one-button